At the gates to paradise

Directly at the entrance to the Adršpach Rocks, in the beautiful nature of Broumovsko protected landscape area, you will find the Adršpach hotel.


Madonna in the rocks by Leonardo da Vinci. The image of bold, overhanging and threatening rocks in Kant´s Critique of Judgement, a work otherwise scarce on parables or examples. The rock landscape as a setting to the romantic novel by the Czech classic writer Karel Hynek Mácha The Gipsies. The setting of the final scene of Witold Gombrowicz´s novel The Cosmos in a mountain valley rimmed by rocks. The frequency of the motive of rocks in tramps´ and bluegrass songs. And the unabating frequency of visitors to the rock labyrinths of Teplice and Adršpach during the past two centuries.  All this causes amazement, the philosophical thaumazein. What is the source of our fascination with the rocks, what attracts us to this place?

Scholars in geomancy believe that  inanimate nature is bundled with the animate one including our knowledge capacities in mysterious metaphysical bonds. I can´t exlude it. For me, however, has the fascination with the rugged rock landscape its roots in the Enlightment, Pre-Romanticism and Romanticism. It was Immanuel Kant who stood at the beginning of the romantic return to the nature as he divined and argued that neither mere analytical, nor practical (including ethical) thinking  suffice to get a full grasp of phenomena of animate and inanimate nature. The humans are endued with yet another, third kind of cognitive capacity, called judgement, which enables us to cognize natural phenomena through the prism of the relationship between purpose and means. And to this capacity everything in the nature appears as a purpose and a means at one time.

Rocks as a means to our amazement as well as a purpose at its own.  As we humans ourselves. By the way, sandstone rocks, more than other kinds of rocks, undergo changes with the passage of time until their  final decline through erosion.  As we humans ourselves. This does not mean that their ephemeral beauty is not a purpose for itself. We wish to stop the beauty for a while and someone might exclaim together with Goethe: 

„If ever I to the moment shall say:
Beautiful moment, do not pass away!
Then you may forge your chains to bind me,
Then I will put my life behind me!“

We shall be glad if on such occasion you will make a stop at our Adršpach hotel.

Karel Čermák

Statutory director Skalní
mlýn a. s., Investor

Relaxation, learning
and Enjoyment of Sports

Our hotel, situated directly at the entrance to the magical Adršpach Rocks, provides accommodation and a wide range of activities.

    The hotel features a restaurant, which is open in season, out of season we encourage you to visit the stylish restaurant at our sister property Skalní mlýn hotel, located 10 minutes from Adršpach hotel, which is open all year round.
  • Bike Trail
    Directly from the hotel you may access a bike trail connecting Adršpach and Teplice Rocks.
  • Children playground
    On the green grounds surrounding the hotel you will find a children playground your offspring will love.
  • Hotel Terrace
    A sunlit terrace in front of the hotel provides a refreshing oasis of tranquillity after your hike.
  • Hiking Trails
    Immediately upon leaving the hotel grounds you may join a broad network of hiking trails leading to the most scenic parts of Adršpach and Teplice Rocks.
  • Blissful Nature
    The hotel is surrounded by the magical landscape of Adršpach-Teplice Rocks.


Our hotel restaurant is open only in season from Easter until the end of October, out of season we shall be happy to serve you lunch or dinner upon your prior request. If our restaurant is closed, we cordially invite you to visit the stylish restaurant at our sister property Skalní Mlýn Hotel, located 10 minutes by walk or 2 minutes by car.

Choose Your Accomodation
out of 4 room categories

All our rooms are equipped with a comfortable bath, some of them feature a balcony. Extra beds are available.

Two Bed Standard Room

Two bed room for 2 persons, breakfast included

Starting from

for 2 persons
Main season1 250 CZK
2 persons
Low season1 225 CZK
2 persons
Out of season1 000 CZK
2 persons

Two Bed Deluxe Room

Two bed deluxe room for 2 persons, including breakfast

Starting from

for 2 persons
Main season1 550 CZK
2 persons
Low season1 395 CZK
2 persons
Out of season1 240 CZK
2 persons

Two Bedroom

Two bedroom suite for 4 persons, breakfast included

Starting from

for 4 persons
Main season1 950 CZK
4 persons
Low season1 755 CZK
4 persons
Out of Season1 560 CZK
4 persons


Two bedroom deluxe suite for 4 persons, breakfast included

Starting from

for 4 persons
Main season2 450 CZK
4 persons
Low season2 205 CZK
4 persons
Out of season1 960 CZK
4 persons
Main season30. 4. – 9. 5.
30. 6. – 1. 9.
25. 12. – 2. 1
Low season1. 4. – 30. 6.
except 30. 4. – 9. 5.
1. 9. – 31. 10.
Out of season1. 11. – 31. 3.
except 25. 12. – 2. 1.
Half-boardonly in the main and low season, otherwise upon prior request
Dinner200 CZK - adult
120 CZK - children up to 12 years
three-course menu, soup, main course, dessert
Additional bed150 CZK
Dog150 CZK
Local tax18 CZK per person, including children /1 night